Robuschi provide solutions that combine superior efficiency, low noise emission, small footprint, minimum maintenance, competitive operating costs and long service life of wide range of:

  • Rotary Lobe Blowers

  • Low Pressure Screw Compressors

  • Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

  • Centrifugal Pumps

Rotary Lobe Blowers

Robuschi, a world leader in blowers and pumps for different industries, has developed pressure and vacuum solut ions since 1941 with manufacturing facilities in Parma (Italy). Robuschi’s wide range of rotary lobe blowers covers most environmental and industrial applications, ensuring the best choice for your needs.

RBS is the innovative positive displacement rotary blower with 3 special profile lobes that, combined with a new configuration of the LOWPULSE system, reduces the residual pressure pulsation of the conveyed gas below 2% of the operating pressure. RBS in ATEX version, available on request.

  • Pressure up to 1,000 mbar(g)

  • Vacuum up to 500 mbar(g)

  • Capacity up to 25,000 m³/h

The Perfect Fit for Every Application

Wastewater treatment (Industrial and municipal sectors)

Modern wastewater treatment requires the movement of large volumes of air at low pressure and Robuschi’s PD blower range provides a reliable source of air for its different processes.
Aeration process: The aeration tanks in wastewater treatment plants are activated with oxygen by using compressed air. Blower technologies can be found in various types of wastewater treatment plants, including aerobic activated sludge systems, SBR, nitrification-denitrification in a single basin and MBR.
• Primary sedimentation in the oxidation compart
• Back washing sand filtration
• Desalinization
• Ozonation

Industrial sector (Pressure operation)

Robuschi offer a wide range of PD blowers in pressure operation, which can fit the process requirements of different industries: food and beverage, lime and cement, mines, chemical and pharmaceutical and many other.

Pneumatic conveying: Pneumatic conveying systems are typically used to convey food ingredients (sugar, flour, powders) from a starting position (typically stocking silos) to another (typically buffer silos or process). Thanks to the air flow and the pressure build up in the piping, solid items float and are guided to destination points where they are separated by means of a cyclone separator/filter receiver.
• Lime cement fluidisation
• Combusted gas recovery
FGD (Flue-gas Desulfurisation): The circulating fluidised bed technique allows the burning of highly sulphurated products while respecting a low emission rate of sulfur and nitrogen oxides in the fireplace.
Bed combustion fluidisation: The fluidisation air of the outlet beds, siphons and ash coolers is supplied by positive displacement blowers.
• Cooling and drying
• Methane gas extraction
• Feeding inert

Industrial sector (Vacuum operation)

Robuschi offers a wide range of rotary lobe blowers for vacuum operation in different configurations, depending on customers’ requirements and technical application specifications.

• Pneumatic conveying
• Food packaging
• Removal of impurities
• Pulp drying
Tissue: Suction pickup and transfer rolls use vacuum to transfer the paper from the forming section to the press section, and guide the sheet from one felt to another in the press section.
• Pick & place
• Lifting system
• Industrial cleaning
• Vacuum in glass forming
• Central vacuum systems
• Coating
• Metallisation
• Methane gas extraction: Blowers are used to remove methane gas from underground coal mine basin

Environmental sector (Heavy-duty applications)

Robuschi can offer PD blowers equipped with special seals and different components in stainless steel (AISI 316 or DUPLEX) to provide excellent corrosion resistance.

Mechanical vapor compression & recompression: This process uses thermo-compression to extract water as clean condensate from polluted fluids. Because only the heavy residuals require further treatment, a considerable amount of water is recyclable.
• Solvent recovery
• Slurry drying process

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps – RVS Series

The RVS series includes liquid ring pumps with innovative characteristics, which is able to suck in gas and vapours, without contamination from lubricants; also in the presence of dragged fluid and with nearly isothermal gas compression. Thanks to its construction features, the liquid ring vacuum pumps are remarkable for low water consumption, low noise and vibrations, reliable service and minimum maintenance. The variety of construction materials allows a wide field of applications. In addition to this, they can also be used as a compressor within the limits shown in the use and maintenance manual.

  • Rotary Lobe Blowers

  • Low Pressure Screw Compressors

  • Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

  • Centrifugal Pumps

The RVS series are robust and heavy duty liquid ring vacuum pumps, available as single stage pump block model, suitable to compress gas and vapours in industrial processes.

• Vacuum up to 33 mbar(a)
• Pressure up to 2,000 mbar(g)
• Capacity up to 4,200 m³/h

The main features

• RVS liquid ring vacuum pump series is able to pump gases and vapours
• Nearly isothermal compression of gases
• No lubricant in contact with pumped gas
• The service liquid can be separated from the gas in a liquid separator and can be recirculated either partially or entirely, after a proper cooling.
• Safe operation and minimum maintenance
• Reduced noise and vibration